Monday, October 12, 2009


So yesterday I know I was supposed to post this but trust me, I'm surprised I'm on here now. I had to do 3 invitation samples for a client and only got 2 done by 3 am. So that meant getting some sleep and then up and at em early this morning to finish up the 3rd design. The problem is all three are not in her price range I'm thinking and so she will probably have to go with a store bought invitation and not a custom one. I really hope not, but I out did myself and even came up with 2 fabric invite samples. Don't ask me how I did it but I did lol. The 3rd is a paper pieced lovely that will take me about 90 hours to assemble 100 of them and color them each so that is why I'm saying she probably can't afford them. Oh onto the real reason why you are here. Blog candy. Seeing that I started my own blog I thought I'd do a lot of blog candy give-aways because well to be honest, I have a lot of stuff that I won't be using so why let it keep sitting around on my shelves lookin' pretty? :)

So my first prize will be the Love to Cook blog candy. The artist is Dan Dipaolo. The company is Lang. If you've heard of Lang then you know their products are top notch and are top quality! What will you get?

(1) 7 pc Nested box set- Nested boxes are neat boxes that fit inside each other. They are all beautifully decorated and brightly colored. Gorgeous!

(1) Matching 4x6 recipe card box with 100 matching receipe cards sets. Do you love to cook? Then I'm sure you have a ton of recipes you need to probably get organized. Why not coordinate them with this cute set!

(1) Matching wine box.

(1) Matching Apron.

(1) 3 pc Nested basket set with fill-same concept as the boxes only these are cute baskets with handles.

(2) Cheese spreaders with cute decorative matching handles. The handles match the theme of the boxes. How cute is that?

(1) Covered Mini list- Can be used for notes or groceries your choice!

The retail value of this giveaway is $125.00.

Here's a picture:

How cute is that? The set is wonderful and it is brand new still in the packaging. So what do you have to do to win this lovely candy? Simply comment about your favorite recipe handed down to you from a loved one by 6 pm PST on October 12th. I will select my favorite comment and announce the winner on Tuesdsay October 13th. That's it. It's that simple.

What are you waiting for? Get to commenting! And don't forget to tell a friend.


  1. My Mom and Grandma tried to teach me to make the best Puerto Rican Rice you can ever imagine, but, I'm the one who burns water ;) LOL! The best that I can do is make breakfast, bake cookies or dial the number to the best pizza in town ;)
    TFS! and I posted this to help spread the word ;)

  2. Well I will post this on my blog too! I found your blog through Margie C. :)

    As far as passed down recipes I would have to say my favorite would be my grandmothers cinnamon rolls. She made the best before Pillsbury came out with their Grand cinnamon rolls! ;)

  3. Hi there,

    Sorry not many recipes past down in our family but I have a great Flapjack recipe from my SIL, you are guaranteed a soft yummy result every time.

    Posted about this in my sidebar.

    Ali x

  4. My family's favorite recipe handed down from my mother is my pot roast, everyone asks me to make it whenever they are going to be around for food, which is not too often now that they are grown, I made it for my son last week and then he decided to go out drinking with his friends and never came ... and he refuses to eat leftovers of any kind, even moms pot roast!