Friday, May 28, 2010

Holiday Give-away! CLOSED!

Hello Peeps,

Hope you are having a marvelous Friday. I'm so excited for this weekend. I've got a lot of fun things planned. And so for this special memorial day weekend, I've decided to go through my stash of rubber stamps that I have had for a while that I don't use at all. Most are Stampin' Up stamps and there are some others in there as well. There are also a couple of those wheel thing-ies lol from SU! too. There are over 90 actually I believe 95 to be exact of sentiments and other stamp love. They are all mounted.

Don't believe me? Well take a look here:)

Yes, they are all mounted. Yes they are brand new never used. When I first started stamping I bought everything that tickled my fancy and guess what? When I started my own stamp company of course all my other stamps went to the back burner. So as I purged my scrap studio I decided to gift them away to others. Now don't get me wrong, I did keep 10 art bins full of rubber stamps from other companies lol. I guess I didn't purge much huh? Anywho I decided to make someone very happy.

Here's how to play:

1. Make sure you are a follower on this blog.
2. Post this blog candy either in a post at the top of your blog by a link to the actual post, or in your side bar.
3. Answer this question as a comment to this post: "What is your favorite embellishment and why?
4. Link back your post about the blog candy or your blog to verify that you added the blog candy via Mr. Linky.

Some rules:

1. Anyone can participate. I will ship internationally.
2. I will choose my favorite comment. That means I will read all the comments.
3. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me (on the top menu bar).
4. I will also select 4 other winners for this candy. They will receive this bag:

The contest will end June 18th at 11:59 pm PST. The winner will be announced Saturday June 19th by 6:00 pm PST.

Good luck!

***And by the way, I will be giving away some acrylic stamps soon! Tune in for that giveway shortly***



  1. Wow, what great candy. Thanks so much for a chance. My favorite embellishment to use are flowers. I just love to put them on my cards and other creations. I think they just add a little bit of happiness and they always make me smile.

  2. Awesome candy! My favorite embellishment I use are buttons. I usually buy them to match my ribbon, paper, and ink. But I'm pretty excited that I found an old box that I had tucked away of my Mom's Buttons. I can't wait to search through a lifetime of buttons and use them on some very special cards that I can make for family members and special friends. I think it will be a great way to remember my Mom. Thanks for a chance to win.

  3. I just posted a picture and link to this awesome candy. I love your new blog, I am now a follower. My favorite embellishment is a toss up between buttons and handmade flowers. I have recently started making my own flowers and I love them but I have loved buttons for a while now so my favorite is to use them together. I love the homemade look they give to projects. Its like when you see a button or handmade flower on a project you just know that person made it. At least thats how I feel.

  4. Your blog candy sits pretty on my side bar :)
    My favourite embellishment...I'd have to say buttons. They add a certain charm to the project and they're available in so many shapes and colours, they're great.

  5. Waw this is awesome candy, so love to win it. I do not own so many stamps. From all embelishment that I have (they are not many), I love to use flowers. I love flowers in all colours. My grandma had fab garden with lots of flowers and it reminds me of her and her smile! I so miss her!
    Thanks for the chance! Hugs, moni

  6. My fave embellishments are flowers!!.. There are soooo many colours and variety of these!.. and they are perfect for filling up any empty spaces in the card when one can't think of anything!
    Thanks for a chance to win! :D

  7. My favorite embellishments are the ones that I have at the moment and fit the project. It's hard to find supplies where I live. Many times I cut of things that are on the way to the trashbin, thinking I can use that in future :), like charms attached to zippers, buttons on clothing etc. Thank you for the chance to this awesome colletcion!

  8. Sorry about posting a comment twice :/ What I was saying was that my favourite embellishments are buttons. I think they're very versatile and suit all kinds and styles of crafting, are fun and they - for some odd reason - make me smile :)

    I've added your candy to my sidebar. Thank you for the chance to win! Have a great day!! :)

  9. WOW this is an awesome prize huni thankyou for the chance of winnin I have put a post on my blog to spread the word.
    Right I think my fave embellishment has got to be flowers I just love them any style,colour or shape they really add a touch of beauty to any project no matter how simple your creation it makes it look amazing.I love the fact that you don't need to buy heaps of different colours to suit your projects as you can buy simple white paper ones and colour them yourself using so many different mediums like markers,paints,shimmers,perfect pearls,glitter the options are endless they are so versatile and i just love them.Thankyou for the amazing chance of winning these stamps the winner will be thrilled xx

  10. Wow, Nenane, what an amazingly generous candy giveaway this is! I love stamps of all kind for their versatility and would be thrilled to win such a fabulous prize!

    I love embellishments of all kinds but I am a flower girl at heart. Flowers of all colors, sizes, and shapes seem to always find their way on to my projects. I love what they symbolize - life, joy, a gift from the heart - and it makes me happy to share the beauty of flowers in any way I can!

    Have a wonderful weekend - I already follow your blog, and your candy has been added to my sidebar at Create With Joy!


  11. What an awesome giveaway!!! I guess my favorite embellishment is flowers! I love paper flowers, fabric flowers. My ultimate favorite is a set of SU! flower stamps that you can layer on top of each other! Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Memorial Day!

  12. Awesome Blog Candy!!

    My fave embellishment will be die cuts.....considering I have 2 cricuts, sizzix dies and quickutz -ummmm ya a tad hooked ;) I love that you can layer them, chalk, ink, add bling, whatever. you can have the same die cut and make them look so diferrent for different pages, cards, projects.

  13. What a great prize...I am already a follower of your lovely blog, and I have posted your candy to my sidebar. I would have to say that my favorite embellishment is BUTTONS...They pretty much work on everything...whatever your doing, just add a button or two it'll look great! Thanks for the chance to win this yummy candy!


  14. Oh mine God!!!! I have never seen so many stamps at the same time! and I can't beleive it is possible to win them even. I am never a lucky girl to win so rich prize but I'll try... I keep my fingers crossed....
    I think my fave embellishment are flowers, laces. Any job looks fantastic if you use them ))
    Thanks for this gorgerous candy. I linked it on sidebar
    Also I am a follower now )))
    Hugs. Larisa.

  15. Hi, I,m a follower of your fab blog and thats a looot that you are giving away. thanks and pls view your stamp candy on my blog side bar.
    My most favourite embellishments are flowers cos I love making punch craft flowers, quilled flowers, and even hand cutting flowers. they look pretty anywhere and everywhere and bring any project to life. Flowers , I must say are every crafters' delight.

  16. Hi, I have popped your candy on my sidebar ( I am a follower, and my favourite embellishment has to be glitter, though it changes weekly x Take care now x Leigh x

  17. I love stamp! What would I do without them? I like so much that makes you want to stamp the whole house, walls, ceiling etc. Have you thought about stamp tattoo? lol So perfect!! They're my #1!!!!!

    I linked your candy at my sidebar!

    Hugs from Brazil

  18. Hello Nenane. This candy is sweet. I am your follower, and i put your candy an the top of my sidebar. I like rubber stamps a lot. My favorit embellishments are Flowers and butterfly.That was a very good question. I always knew, i like them, butnever really think why. I know i like flowers because my MOM Love them. Everething in her closet half to have a flowers. She give this love to me. And after your question i know why i like Butterfly. It's ther wings. So many times i was looking how butterfly fly away, and wish i have a wings, so i can fly over the ocean to visit my Family. I have up ther my oldest son, he is almost 15 yrs old and i didn't see him for over 3 yrs. He never meet yet his little baby sister..........
    OMG! This is so emotional, now i am going cry all day. Sorry. This is good therapy, and i really need it. And i would like to THANK you for that.
    When you are BUTTERFLY, - you don't worry about money, you can't afford, to visit your Son, you just FLY.
    Thank you Nenane. Hugs, Nataliya.

  19. What a nice group of stamps! To be honest, I've never met an embellishment that I didn't like! But I would have to say my favorite is ribbon, because it is so versatile. I can make my own lovely flowers with it, or weave it through my card- and nice ribbon just feels so good to hold!

  20. Thank you for the lottery. I hope for good luck. Link posted on the sidebar. I love flowers. Like postcards, and in the flower bed.)

  21. Wow! I can't believe you had that much of stamps :o
    My fav of embellishment are flowers! I love them, no mather what colour they are!!
    i just started a few weeks ago with making cards.. i've got some copic markers on my birthday ( i like to art) my mother loves te scrap, so when i saw some cards i decided to try one time to make a simple card. Now i'm sort of addict. but that doesn't matter to me:P
    I've been follower en put your candy on my candy page.. (hopefully that is ok.)

  22. You are surely blessed because you have an opportunity to spread cheers to the world through this sweet gesture of yours..... Not everyone is so blessed..... May God Bless u with MORE!!!!!!

    Hmmmm..... I gotcha know about this candy through one of the crafters & felt good because U have Stampin! Up stamps for the luscious candy..... I just admire them, but unfortunately we are not privileged to enjoy them here.....

    My favorite embells are flowers & butterflies..... Both alike, they come in various sizes, shapes & colors..... Variations of ONE FORM...... Naturally! And incorporating them in my work, makes me feel, I am close to nature too..... They both have beauty of nature in common..... Using them as embells brings smile not only on my face when I incorporate them in my work, but also makes the receiver burst a smile out of his gloomy balloon...... :-)

    And Yes! I have your luscious candy embellish my side bar..... Hugs ))))


  23. Thank you! Super candy! Looks amazing. I am follower and here my link. I love Champ and flowers! They fill the empty space on the cards.Where I live is all very difficult to get, I hope for good luck.

  24. Oh my gosh I have found your candy while hopping around this is huge and you creation are amazing I would have become a follower even without the candy :D
    My fav embelishment has to be gems I just love the sparkle (I think I was a magpie in another life)
    Thank you so much for a chance to win

    Amy xx


  25. Good Morning Nenane - what a fabulous collection - how can you bear to part with it? Thanks for the chance to play along. I would have to say that my favourite embellie would be flowers - I love flowers in all shapes and form - on my cards, scrapbook pages and especially in my garden.

    Love your blog! Happy Sunday!

    Deb xoxo

  26. Oh, what a great candy! Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite decoration - it flowers. Cards with flowers get their unique beauty. In them the summer sun and fragrance. Flowers - is the most beautiful thing on earth. Handmade flowers and factory production - is not important, most important, that they were beautiful.

  27. So wonderful of you to share, Nenane! You have an amazing stash of stamps, and the winner will be very privileged to win them!!!
    My favorite embellishment changes per card, lol! I love ribbon, charms, glitter, embossed paper, flowers, buttons, lace...well, you get the idea. ;-)
    I am privileged to "meet" someone who enjoys collecting (and using!) stamps as much as I do! I would love to win. Thank you for the chance.

  28. Thank you so much for this generous candy! I don't follow candy usually, only the odd bit - usually for a friend but htis is realy my kinda candy! LOL!
    I've put a sidebat image but also, because I want to spread this around, a full post!
    As for my favourite embellishment - that would HAVE to be a stamped and coloured image, but if we aren't counting that, then it would have to be my flowers.

    Apart from being beautiful in their own right, they give a professional finishing touch to cards and what's more, they cover up mistakes beautifully! You can Stickle them, Glossy Accent them, glitter them or set 'em on fire (...really...!)! You can colour them with your copics or bleach them to make 'em shabby. You can take 'em apart and just use the petals. They are so versatile! I also like the pearl stick-pins but I don't have many of those.....yet!

    Look forward to you 'visiting' Nenane!

  29. Thanks for a chance to win the candy! I'm new to stamping and cardmaking. I think that my favorite embellishment is sparkly gem stickers. They make a card so pretty very easily, which is good for a newbie!


  30. My fav embellies are prolly my primas. Or maybe my stickles, or maybe my buttons, or could be ribbon.. I just can't decide, I love lots of stuffs!!

  31. Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway. My favorite embellishment would be flowers and now that I know how to mak some of those paper flowers I got hook on them and they are much cheaper than prima flowers. If you got a lot of scraps you can make tons of them and they are so much fun to make.

  32. Awesome candy!! I love stamps!!! I have added a link on my blog's sidebar.
    My favourite embellishments are Sequines & Ribbons.
    I love a little bit of bling on my creations & sequins are great way to make them bright and not out of place :D. Plus they come in amazing shapes & sizes. And i love ribbons too. There are so many ways in which they can be used on a card.

  33. Thank you for the right to participate.
    I love using buttons that give wealth to the eye.

  34. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing give away,it's really kind of you.....embellishments....oh dear!!I suppose it would be between flowers and ribbons...but I adore charms and pins that have fab beads on etc; I think most crafters are the same,we want it all....just in

  35. I am a follower and I will let my scrapbooking buddies know about this give-away.
    I think the one embellishment that seem to work its way onto almost every layout and card that I do is flowers. I had sworn that when they first started showing up that I would never use them...I have enough embellishments stashed away to last a couple of lifetimes. Needless to say...I have a very large Art Bin full of flowers that I need to use. I just hate it when companies put out new flowers! I know I don't need them but somehow everytime I see new ones, they end up in my craft room!

  36. Thank you so much for the chance to win all those wonderful stamps, there look to be some fab ones in there. To answer your question, at the moment (apart from stamps, which I just luuve) I would say my fave embelly are my border punches as they add interest and texture to matting and layering. It really is so difficult to pick just one fave embellishment as my real answer would be the contents of a craft shop - I just love everything crafty.

  37. **Added this for Trish**

    So, I came upon your beauuuuuuuutiful blog, and got so excited. I have just started into this lovely time filler of stamping and scrapping and now blogs.
    I don't have my own, but have added you to my FAVS.

    My favourite embellishment is anything sparkly, glitter, beads, rhinestones and of course inks and paper with sparkes.

    My email is fourjsatrogersdotcom.

  38. Great candy!! My girls and I sure can use those stamps so we can stop using my I am really new to the card making, I have been scrap booking for years though. So right now my favourite embellishments are buttons! They just add a different look to the card!Thanks so much for the chance to win these wonderful stamps! I put a picture and link on my blog!**My girls and I will be crossing our fingers**

  39. Mabuhay from Philippines!!!
    What a great candy you have. My favorite embellishment are prima flowers for my girl pages and some scrolls. I just love to put some swirls and scrolls in my pages.

  40. This sweet - simply dream... I like to use flowers in the works, they give tenderness. And still I like to do itself some elements of a cardboard or a floristic grid.

  41. WOW! Great candy.
    My favorite embellishment are brads. Why? Because with them it is cheerful. They happen different disign and all such beautiful. They decorate any flower or other embellishment. And on them it is possible to attach different arrows and frameworks.
    Sorry for my English.

  42. Hi Nenane

    What amazingly generous candy. What a difficult question too!!!! I love all embellishments, depending on the card. BUT I know I have to choose a favourite so I will say Flowers, no glitter oh wait there are gems and ribbon and buttons, any type of butterfly........ oh bother see I told you it was a difficult question. Ummmmmm Butterfly shaped buttons with glitter on them!!!!!!!!!!!! I love bling so glitter is probably my favourite, because it brightens up any card.
    Fingers crossed now!!!

    Hugs Ali x

    PS Link is on my sidebar

  43. What a great candy you have here! I posted a link on my sidebar:
    I was so impressed by the candy that I made up a poem))) where I tried to answer your question)))
    So, what embelishments I like
    When try to stamp, to glue - so scrap?
    I started scrap not long ago
    I loved them all at first, you know!
    But then my preference began
    I fell in love with buttons then.
    Af different colour, shape, fabric
    But mostly pastel heart-shaped things!
    Then also I loved die-cuts
    I'm looking for some fruit and stars!!!
    And nowadays I learn to stamp
    I have some stamps and ink and hands,
    ideas and a dream great&sweet -
    To make an album for my kid!!!!!!

    Hello from Ukraine!!!

  44. OMG, what a super candy... Thanks Nenane... and the best part is that they are all mounted... unbelievable!!!

    well, my fave embellishments are buttons... i love the character it lends to cards and layouts or even other altered art projects... plus they come in a super variety of shapes, sizes, colours... yummmy!!! yes, buttons are my fave:)


    P.S.: i have a garment business so it's easier for me to sneak out some buttons for my crafty ventures:)

  45. Hi, I,m posting a comment again, as I had forgot to add with mr. linky.
    What I would do to get this candy, wow! thanks.
    My favourite embellishment is definitely floers. They bring life into any project and since I love making punch craft flowers, they are all the more close to my heart.


  47. Thank you! Super candy!
    I love flowers.

  48. Yuhuuu!
    What a beautiful, sweet candy you have!!
    And how sweet of you to gave us the chance to win it!
    I will be youre follower and i am going to link you on my sidebar.
    My fav embellishment is ribbons,buttons and brads. Because they are universal ))

  49. My fave embellishments are flowers!!! They very beautiful
    I am a follower also and added a link to the sidebar
    Thank you so much for the chance to take part!!!

    Greetings from Russia

  50. What an awesome giveaway! My favourite embellishment are flowers, glitter. Because they very beautiful.
    I am a follower also and added a link to the sidebar

  51. Wooooooooooooooow , I am in love with this candy!!! My fave embellishments are the stamps!!!!!
    Hugs from Basque Country!!! ;)

  52. Hi =) Such an interesting candy - thank you for the chance to win! =))
    So my favourite embelishment right now is stamped text - i can use it in many different ways - as a font for the self-made die-cuts or as an independent ornament. And also i like different laces - both punched or textile - they can give tenderness to work of any style... In my opinion )) ( right sidebar :)

  53. Oh, sorry - i've written my url in the comment...
    Now i've added it to mr.linky )

  54. Thanks for the chance to win! I venture to take part ... I connected with you sidebar in my blog Lepesto4ex
    Favorite ornament cards - it flowers.

  55. My favorite decoration of flowers, but I try to limit yourself to them was not too much))
    Thanks for the chance!

  56. Delightful stamps!
    I dream of such a collection!
    I am your follower number 150)))
    My favorite kind of embellishment is a ribbon. Each card will be a beautiful with ribbon. They are very interesting, they are easy to operate. With the ribbon you can make a bow, a flower, loop and much more! Cards always come out beautiful!

  57. This game is very interesting for serious dami.Az'm not benefited many stamps and rejoiced as I saw them in your blog.Shte be happy if I observe the rules and you send me these stamps to create and develop a good things with cards

  58. Hello and thank you for the chance to win this great candy!
    I like flowers, they bring fresh on the cards.

  59. Hi Nenane! This is really some wonderful candy! Thanks for a chance to win!
    My favorite embellishment... I use flowers, laces and buttons! I love handmade buttons too. And i love stamps, of course :)
    Link is on my sidebar)

    Hugs from Russia!

  60. I love flowers ♥ ...good lucky for me ♥

  61. Thanks for this wonderful candy!!!
    I love flowers, buttons and half-pearls most of all!
    A warm hello from Belarus :)

  62. Fab candy - thanks for the opportunity to win! How can you ask for a favourite embellishemnt - I have soooooo many things I love....Wild Orchid flowers are my passion right now but I also love ribbons (Spotty is my favourite), buttons, pearls, metal bits ...oh I could go on I will say flowers (like nearly everyone else!) and you asked why - well I think flowers are just so feminine and pretty and make everyone smile you can't fail to make someone happy if you add them onto your project. You too will make someone very happy with this candy!!

  63. What a generous candy. I fail words to express my feelings!!!!
    Most of all I like using flowers. Sometimes I try to make them on my own (espcially when I want to use the same paper or texture from the page or card).

  64. This is awesome candy!

    About the question...
    I don't have a lot of embellishments for now, cause I almost just started...but I use a lot of glitter...also I like half of pearls and buttons- it's look very cute! and RIBBONS!!!
    I just ordered flowers - when I'll use them - I will write how it work for me :)

  65. Wow, That is one fabulous candy you have there. I added a link to my sidebar.
    My most favorite embellishment are Rhinestones and pearls. I also use a lot of ribbon on my cards so I guess I have a couple of favorites.
    Thanks for the great chance, I'll have to keep my fingers crossed on this one.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  66. My favorite embellishment is the one I've had for over a year and finally found the perfect use for. I love the feeling that comes with it. For a moment eveything is right with the world...And then I start a new project. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to share and to receive.

  67. Hello from Russia!
    My favourite embellishment are buttons,because I think that every Button is own colorful world=)
    Thank you for a chance to win this beautiful candy=)

  68. My favourite embellishment are buttons, is more cheap than anything!!

    Mi embellecedor favorito son los botones, es el embellecedor más barato y versatil!!

    Saludos desde España

  69. me gustaria participar
    Hola soy Adriana de Paysandu_Uruguay Sud America
    la realidad mi blog me lo creo una amiga y se muy poco pero tratare de cumplir.
    mi adorno favorito son los moños. Adoro hacer todo tipo de artesanías ,miniaturas (para casa de muñecas),carteras en tela(bags),tarjetas artesanales.
    me encantaría tu material pues por donde yo vivo esas cosas solo las vemos por internet, son de las cosas con las que se sueña un día con tener jejeje
    gracias por tu idea y generosidad. un cordial saludo desde Paysandu Uruguay

    Hi I'm Adriana de Sud America
    city Paysandu
    country Uruguay
    I think my friends website blog
    and very little and will try to fulfill.
    My favorite ornament is the silk ribbon bow. I love doing all kinds of crafts, miniatures (doll house) in cloth bags (bags), handmade cards.
    I love your stuff where I live for those things we see only the internet, are the things that have dreams of one day hehehe
    thanks for your idea and generosity. Best regards

  70. Hi!

    My favorite ornament is flower, rubber and clear stamp.

    I´m Ana, in my country there arent rubber stamp. People when you say that you do scrapbooking, they think your crazy!! Sorry my english is very bad!!

    thanks you are very generous!

  71. Wow,thats really a awesome candies to win:)
    My fav.embellishment is flowers and buffer fly,bcoz they add life to the card.

  72. Thanks for this great opportunity.. My favorite embellishment are flowers and buttons .. they add a gorgeous touch to my scrapbook layouts and greeting cards.

  73. Just thank you for this chance to win these beautiful stamps Jump .. is great .. The winner will be very happy ..
    On the cards, much like using ribbons, beads and buttons.
    Once again commend you for the great gift that you can do and mostly it will make someone very happy.

  74. Awesome candy. thanks.
    My fav embellishments - ribbons and glitter. Coz they are the only ones easily available in this part of the world :)

  75. Hi,
    my favourite embellishments are buttons, buttons and (I think, you can guess it)… exactly… buttons! If you will make me feel like Christmas, you only have to sit me in front of a big box with a lot of buttons in it … old, new, ugly, cute, colourful… it doesn’t matters *g*. But don’t ask me why, cause I don’t know it. I only know, that I love buttons, everywhere!
    This is really a generous, exciting candy, and for the reason, I love stamps nearly so much as buttons, I will try my luck!
    Thanks for the chance! I’ve linked your candy on my sidebar!

  76. Hi!

    My favourite embellishments are buttons because you can added every where on the ribbons ,flowers...but also I like my own handmade rubber stamps because I love all handmade!!

    thank you so much for this candy ,you are very very generous,I´ve never have seen something like this great candy!!!

    Kisses from Spain.


  77. Great Candy, great gift!.
    I think all the ornaments are my favorites, but especially the ribbons, lace, flowers made by me, buttons and stamps, but especially when I think of is to give the person what you like and choose it as a function of the decorations and colors . Success and are almost always very happy. This technique is for me an opportunity to make friends, was made purely to give away.
    Besitos desde Tenerife.

  78. Hi Nenane,
    Thank you for the chance to win such fabulous candy.
    The embelishments I like best for my cards and LO are, Flowers:

    Flowers, flowers everywhere,
    Make my bloggers stop and stare.
    Punched from paper, made from card,
    Some made easy, some are hard.
    Roses red and lili's white,
    Some are subtle, all are bright.
    I would use them everyday,
    To make a card or just to play!!

  79. Hola al ver este pedazo de caramelo me he quedado embobada ,me encantaría poder participar ya que donde vivo no hay de estas cosas para poder hacer esas cosas tan lindas que hacéis ,intento hacer algo pero ni muchísimo menos como las que hacéis vosotras . Los adornos que mas me gustan y con los que yo puedo hacer cositas tan bellas son los botones y cintas .Espero poder entrar todavía en este caramelito tan grande jajajajj besos.

  80. Hi!Wonderful stamps.Thanks for the chance to win.I love using flowers and beads,because they make my cards more beautiful and completed:)))Have a nice day:)))

  81. Wonderful candy! Thank you fo the chance to win!
    About embellishments... Really love to use stamps! Because it's so simple! And gives wonderful results!

  82. Hi! So wonderful stamps, Nenane! You have an amazing stash of stamps, and the winner will be very privileged to win them!!!
    I love ribbon, charms, flowers,lace,Butterfly!!!!!!I love handmade buttons And i love handmade stamps :)))
    Thank you for the chance.

  83. Wow! Plenty of stamps give-aways!
    My favorite embellishments are ribbons and buttons.

  84. There certainly would be no better gift than this one for a semi-novice like me, plus the date falls on the stack on my birthday, so it is certain that this lot for me lol;)
    To answer the question, my favorite is the flower embellishment, all kinds of flowers, but I like other things too.

    * Sorry for my English, I do not write very well.

  85. S O S
    alguien me ayuda,no se como hacer para figurar en la lista
    mi nombre es Adriana
    city Paysandu
    country Uruguay

  86. Thank you very much for this candy! I have recently started scrapbooking, so I have a little more work. In one of my first works I used a stamp to create the background (look here: ), so involved in your candy. I love the ornaments of lace, ribbons, buttons, but I especially like the flowers and colored stamps (Tilda, Lizzy, and others).
    Link on the right:
    PS. sorry for my english

  87. What great candy!!! Thanks so much for a chance. My favorite embellishment is to use are buttons, flowers and ribbon.I am a beginner in scrapbooking, coz i havent some settings.
    Good luck!

  88. I follow you! And this one is my blog:

    I am a Spanish girl that is starting knowing the world of the scrap...

    My favorite embellishment, difficult question because actually I've not made many scrap thing ... I believe, really, that it is the paper.

    Yes, paper, because with that I can create the best embellishment done by myself, flowes, letters to my taste, stamps, stars, butterflys (i love the butterflys) ... everything to my taste and according to the work that it have to do.

    So, this is my response: the best embellishment is that was do by myself whith paper, stamps, inck and very very much imagination.

    Thank you so much for the chance, and sorry for my english

  89. With pleasure become posledovatelem.Nedavno begun to expand overseas stores, but now that's an interesting blog found for myself, now I will keep in mind!
    The best decoration for me, it chipbord, with my work very much like, well, and paper, is in itself a great ukrashenie.Shtampy, an integral part of the beautiful work, the main thing they learn to use and combine.
    Thank you very much for your kindness and beautiful stamps!

    Information about the prize and the wonderful stamps in my blog, on the right panels

  90. Hola, me encantaria participar, solo que yo no tengo blog, de lo que mas me guasta a mi son los botones, pues son practicos y hay mucha variedad, ademas de economicos!!

  91. Oh, dear, where'd my comment gone? I am sorry if I've already sent one, but just in case I'll repeat (as the candy is really really yummy)
    Thanx for your candy!
    And my favourite embellishment is chipboard buttons with photographer's marks. They are beige, which is a plus as the colour fits with almost everything (the same as in fashion), more vintage-cool than vintage-cute, which means they can be used for the presents to the male friends as well and they give all the cards or photoframes or whatever a cool and sophisticated look!
    Thanx again!

  92. Hi!
    Excuse me, I'm bad in english %)
    I delighted with your candy! This is dream!
    Ha-ha! I became nearly jubilee follower of your blog =) I have a number 190 in your list of the followers =)
    I answer on your question: my loved embellishments are flower and lace. By them possible to do any work such beautiful! But else I like to think up and make the embellishment their own hand. For example for my last work I have maked the school form and bows =) You can look it in my blog (
    I much hope that I'm able to win your candy
    Thank you for chance to win this beautiful candy! =)

  93. Hi, Thank you for such wonderful candy.
    How could you do it!!! give away all your lovely hearts racing just thinking about it,lol
    I had to think a bit about your question, I like so many embelishment but when I looked my ribbon stash is larger than any other embellies so I suppose it's RIBBON.
    Any kind, colour, type I'm hooked do you think I need theropy hehee.
    Have a lovely day

  94. Hi! I have no doubt, my favorite embellishments, the most use, those who buy more, which brings me mad: rubber stamps!
    I think the chances they give you rubber stamps are endless, so when I saw this candy I've been surprised at your generosity.
    If I had luck and I was the winner of this candy, I think it would be the happiest in the world!
    Whether or not the winner I congratulate you for your blog, and if you ever visit Spain I will be happy to invite you to a scrapbooking session at my house. Kisses, Yuddish.

  95. Te acabo de descubrir, gracias a otra compi, que publica tu sorteo, me escanta el trabajo con papel,el crapbooking, así que te agrego para seguirte y si no es tarde me apunto al sorteo, ya tienes una seguidora mas. Saludos.

  96. También te acabo de descubrir y me encanta tu blog, los sellos son mi perdición tengo varios de Tim Holt, y los uso para estampar en arcilla polimérica entre otras cosas.
    Así que si no llego tarde me apunto al sorteo.
    Ahhh!! y te invito a mi blog
    Un abrazo.

  97. Hola, me apunto al sorteo.
    la coruña - españa
    un besiño grande y muchas gracias.

  98. Wow Nenane this is amazing candy. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Favourite embellishment? That's really difficult. I love ribbon and I have lots! I love pearls and rhinestones and I have all colours. Buttons are great for male cards so I use them too. I think maybe my favourite has to be flowers. I only make male cards without flowers lol! I love all flowers - gorgeous roses, cherry blossom, daisies; bought flowers, handmade flowers, punched flowers. I guess I just love flowers!

    Kat x

  99. Thank you for the chance to win this great candy! I like flowers, they bring fresh on the cards. I think they just add a little bit of happiness and they always make me smile.

  100. Good afternoon! Thanks for chance to win a candy. I like to use metal suspension brackets, very much they are pleasant to me. Such laconic, all is simple and with taste

  101. Hello
    I love to use flowers and butterflies

    Спасибо за шанс.мне очень нравятся бабочки и цветы,они заставляют мое сердце биться быстрее.)

  103. Oh my gosh,that is one stack of stamps!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win them and Good Luck to all! I've become a follower and linked your fab candy on my sidebar!

    My favorite embellishment are flowers. I find they can bring a smile to someone that is down,
    soothe someone that is going through a rough time,add beauty to any creation. And you can also add to the flowers,like bling or pearls or glitter. There is so much you can do with them,I have them on alot of my cards.

    Thanks again Nenane!

  104. My favorite embellishments are rhinestones & rain dots. Lately I'm starting to wonder whether or not its possible for me to actually create a card without having either rhinestones or rain dots on my creation. It happens, but it actually has to be an effort on my part. & I love anything that glitters. I buy almost anything that glitters, from handmade embellishments to papers that I punch and create my own embellishments using punches. Or else I glitter it on my own using crystal snow and glue. I'm a glimmer girl when it comes to crafting, that's for sure!

    Thanks for the fabb chance to win those stamps. I'm in total awe of this...majestic beauty in front of my screen. Like...woahhh. I almost stopped breathing for a while there. My breath is catching up with me though, so it's not so bad. LOL

    Hugz from Canada!

  105. Thanks for a chance to win the candy!
    I love stamps!!! I have added a link on my blog's.
    My favorite embellishments are charms, beads, flowers and ribbons.

    Hugs from Austria

  106. WOW...just found your blog and can't believe my eyes! Thanks for the chance to win this yummy candy :) I love ribbon on a card - it doesn't have to have a bow, although I prefer it to have one.
    Thanks again from North Carolina

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. Hello dear.... The feeling of giving and making someone happy is the most beautiful thing on Earth. Thank you for starting this.
    I don't have a blog yet as I am new to crafting, but I do enjoy all nice blogs like yours, and wish to have one of my own so soon.
    My favourite embellishment is the roses I make by quilling techniques. It is just marvellous and flexible to use.
    I hope I am more into crafting with huge wonderful things to give away. Thank you again. Have a nice time :)

  109. what a great Candy .

    Lovely Greetings from Austria !

    Hugs , bernd

  110. Wow, what a beautiful candy! I really love to have those stamps, need them :) My fav craft item are flowers of course, especially pink flowers, of any shape and kind, just because ... flowers are flowers! A touch of joy in every card! Thanks for a chance to win!

  111. What a generous candy! Thanks for the chance to win it. And as to the embellishments, my favorite ones are flowers and ribbons, as with their help you can create real masterpiece. Your candy is on my sidebar)))

  112. Hello from Ukraine!!!
    Wow, so many stamps!!!! I have not got one yet... Thank you for chance to have them... I would like to have them so much...
    My favorite embellishment are the butterflies! Because... because they are butterflies! Because I love them very much!
    I became your follower with big pleasure!
    Link is in my blog:

  113. Здравствуйте, NENANE! Очень вкусная конфета!!!А самое главное - очень нужная!!!И очень желанная!!!))Спасибо за возможность выиграть!!
    Из украшений мне больше всего нравятся кружева...Работа становится сразу такой нежной, воздушной, такой уютной...Вот)
    А тут на боковой панели моя ссылка:

  114. What a generous offering of stamps to some lucky winner.
    To me it all starts with the right stamp...then my favorite thing would be all of my punches. With them I can create all different kinds of flowers, butterflies, leaves, just about anything you can think of you can make with your little scraps of paper and your punches....or quilling. So I guess my favorite embellishments are my homemade ones because then I fell like I have made the complete card. I also crochet some of my flowers, so again they are homemade (I have just finished crocheting a large batch of these and now have to just tie in the loose strings).
    Thanks for the chance to win your lovely candy.

  115. I forgot to tell you I added you to my sidebar at and I just love your tote bag!!! As my mother and I always say "One can never have too many tote bags!"

  116. Super candy!
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    I love Champ and flowers! Flowers - is the most beautiful thing on earth.

  117. Hi, love candy!!!!
    I love tags, I use them for all!!!

  118. Greetings, remarkable candy, and on coincidence my favourite ornaments - stamps, seem to me that ини bring a highlight in a card and it is possible to make also a background, my reference

  119. Hi!! thanks for the chance!!
    My fauvorite embellishment are buttons and ribbons.
    Your giveaway is already in my sidebar.

    See you,

  120. No me lo puedo creer, no suelo tener suerte en los concursos, pero este no puedo dejarlo pasar.
    Lo que más me gusta¡¡¡¡ por supuesto trabajar con sellos, y los trabajos que más me gusta utilizar son las imágenes de personas en blanco y negro, quedan preciosas en cualquier sitio, da lo mismo una caja que un portarretratos, y luego con un envejecido encima queda divino.
    Gracias por querer compartir con nosotras tu "tesoro", para mí si paso a ser su dueña será un supertesoro. Gracias

  121. WOW! So many stamps!

    My favorite embellishments are stamps and ribbons.
    Thanks for chance.

  122. my number is 128 and link to the right pane.

    I'm not very strong in English, I hope I can convey the idea =)

    I recently carried away scrapbooking. Most recently, my favorite decoration was the micro beads. I use it in a shaker, adhere. I think it is very beautiful and rare.

    Then, I really like three-dimensional elements and satin ribbons. They have some chic paper added.

    And I like it, but she has not tried all sorts of figures made of wire and beads and fabric.

  123. Hello;

    It's a very lovely blogcandy you have here so I'll have a go and participate!

    Favoutite embellishment? It's a bit hard to choose only one, but in my case it has to be flowers! I think I use flowers on the papers and also beside the papers and sometimes even on my photos when I make layouts...


    Charlotta in Sweden

  124. i luv to use paper flowers made by myself. this is cos u can make themfom scraps or simple papers, DPs, just about anything.. & more importantly u dont have to worry much about co ordination. if i dont have one that matches my card i can immediately make it!!!
    if i win ur candy it will be like dream come true for me!!

  125. Hello
    I love candies, espesials, stamps!!!

    I like flowers, animals stikers and butoms.

    Hope win

  126. Hola, muchas gracias por darme la oportunidad de participar en este maravilloso candy.
    Los adornos que más utilizo son los brillos, sobre sellos, flores, titulos,fotos, imágenes ,cintas; porque le dan un toque fashion a mis creaciones.

    Hello, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in this wonderful candy.
    The more I use ornaments that are shiny, on stamps, flowers, titles, photos, tapes, because they give a touch of fashion to my creations.

  127. Hi Nenane!
    Thanks for offering this fantastic blogcandy and the chance to win this!It will be awesome to win that as I can't buy SU products here in the Netherlands.Now,about you question what my favorite embellishment is......
    My answer has to be:NONE. I rarely use embellishments, as I think most stamps are pretty enough as they are,and all those extra details will take the focus of the stamp away.If you look on my blog you can see I like tomake very plain straightforward cards with just stamps being used,as focal point and as background.I hope this anwer doesn't disqualify me for this great candy.....
    And of course I've put a link on my blog: Stempelientje and keep my fingers crossed!
    Greetings from Stempelientje.

  128. G'day Nenane,
    Well I've been struggling with what is my favourite embellishment to answer your question. I went through the list systematical, starting with the most often used ones, flowers, buttons, ribbon and lace but I couldn't really say any of these are my favoutite. I decided that my favourite is 'recycled'. I get a real kick out of using items that were one thing and you turn them into something else. A perfect example would be to use one of my grandchildrens kindy drawings and use it as a background, boarder, punch sections out of it with punches and create something that I can return to them or give to their parents. (The fridge is great but it can only hold so many of their wonderful artworks).
    One of my most successful Artist Trading Cards that I made was 12 cards all different using only junk. The background was an old roll of plumbings tape and the embellishments on them consisted of: an old computers motherboard (hacked into peices), a broken chain, a stone, strip of leather, netting from a potato bag, a stick (yep from the garden), copper wire, string, rusty bottle caps (which I'd collected from the road for over a month). I titled it Junk Art which was hand writen on a scrap of used paper.
    So I hope that 'Recycled' will classify.

    Your collection of stamps would be finding their way into a very creative family. With both my girls avid scrapbookers.

    Thanks for the opportunity to think and I'm now a happy follower and your link was added.


    PS. It was interesting to read the other comments in this fantastic candy give-away!

  129. This comment has been removed by the author.

  130. Wow, what great candy. Thanks so much for a chance. My favorite embellishment to use are flowers. I just love to put them on my cards and other creations. I follow your blog, and your candy has been added to my sidebar

    Hugs, Claudia

  131. wow... what a beautiful candy!!! thank you very much for this chance, I've linked it in my sidebar, to spread the word...
    My favourite embellishment???
    OMG, it'veryvery difficult to choose... I' guess buttons and ribbons because I use them in a very many way.... XD
    chiara, from italy

  132. Trying to type with wiggling baby.. Hi Nenane :) Thanks for the chance to win all those lovely stamps! My fav embelishment would have to be stamps and inks although all of mine are the clear ones with the clear mount but I cant get enough of them and having two boys I love to ink around the edge of anything/everything. Wiggling has turned to screaming so I better go feed this little monster. Take Care xx

    Goodluck Everyone :)


  133. whoops forgot to add my blog..
    Cheers :)

  134. wow wonderful Candy!

    I love Flowers! She gives in so many nice colours,size and kinds! I punch my Flowers often with my Punchers and stick leafs on my Flowers!

    hugs Jane

  135. BLING - A girl can never have enough! thanks for the chance at the candy!

  136. Hello from Latvia, Nenane! Thanks for this wonderful candy!
    My favorite embellishment are fabric flowers and satin ribbons.
    You can see my cards there

  137. Hi,
    I love stamps!
    Do not know what would we be without them!
    Everything I do has to have a stamped.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    I linked your candy at my sidebar!

    Greetings from Brazil


  138. Great candy!
    My favorite decoration - it flowers. They give a soft and romantic of each work. They do nice, happy eyes. Flowers - beautiful creation of this world, and joy when one of the finest particles of the universe is present in the works! Flowers perfect assistant for beginners like me.
    A large number of stamps - a luxury for me, I would have stamped images to a favorite receptions.

    Sorry for my English! I'll cams hopefully win))))

    Elena, with greetings from Russia

  139. wow! wonderful! link in my sidebar and a follower.

  140. Конфетка потрясающая! Вот бы выиграть!я обожаю цветы и кружева!!!!Ссылка на панельке:

  141. Thank you for this grate chance to win!!Best of all I like stamps,embossing and ribbons.Stapmps-because I can paint them,make a unique backgrounds;embossing-cause I like volume and beautiful effects I can create with it,ribbons-I just like it without any reasons^))

  142. Must say I've really enjoyed everyone's responses. I have become a follower and posted on my sidebar. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the stamps. I can't imagine being able to part with my collection like that - or even part of my collection. You will be making someone very happy, even if it isn't me. That's a very generous offering.

    My favourite embellishment is glitter, not only does it add sparkle and interest to a card, it can be used for masculine or feminine cards. A big thing when most of my family are guys. Glitter also makes me smile when I find it on DH face, baby's bottom, DS's hands (oops, he wants to create too!), etc. Glitter is just all round fun.

  143. Hi! Thanks so much for the chance to win. My favourite embellishment is stick on gems, they say Diamonds are a girls best friend but fake stick on ones are mine! They are the perfect way to bring a bit of sparkle into the lives of the ones you love when you give them a card!

  144. I think that's just awesome that you own your own small stamp shop! I actually wish there was more small owned stores like that around me because I love what they have to offer compared to the Michaels that seem to carry the same stuff over and over! As for your giveaway I think that is very nice of you to offer and even if I don't win I am glad I found your blog, I love to see others creativness!
    Oh I almost forgot...LOL your question! I would have to say at the moment my favorite embellishment would be glitter and ribbon! I love how there is so many colors in glitter and designs in ribbon. Plus when you don't have a lot of crafty supplies it really can just make your creation POP!
    Have a great day! ~ Renae

  145. I love all Emblishment ,They call me the emblishment queen ,My whole craft roomis full of them I cant get enough .So it are to puck a favirote ,Maybe brad and gems Thanks for the chance to win Sarah

  146. Hi I just made a post about your giveaway and at first I was so confused. Are my favorite buttons or ribbon or flowers. But then it hit me... I almost always use on my projects fabric and I love it because it can become whatever you want. You could make flowers, trims, a dress, a photo mat a blankie for babies, etc. So I hope you pick me I just discovered stamps because they use to intimidate me a little but now I'm letting loose. Take Care and thanks for that really "small" (jaja) giveaway... 90 stamps WOW I don't think my local scrapbook store has that much. HUGS!!! ans visit me at my blog soon :)

  147. Hi!At first - thank you very much for this amazing giveaway!
    On my modest diary clearly that I am a beginner in scrapbook, and I like a different paper and pebbles. But saying rubber stamps is that I really love (you guessed! :) )
    Unfortunatelly in moscow scrapbookshops to find such stamps almost impossibly. Therefore we a bit envy you and dream :)

    Many hugs!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Kind regards,
    Marusya Shtolc.

  148. what a great candy is this!
    My favorite embellisment, can i have two?
    First i love my Vintage Butterfly stamp, i use it so much that i have one as reserve... you never know. And i really love the blingbling stuff. So i have hotfix stones in every color, size and shape *blush*...Thanks for the change to win this great candy Love Peet ( petra)

  149. Wow!!! sooo many stamps!!! In Russia we dont have such a great variety of stamps, but I like to make cards with sentiments in english)))
    I think my favourite embelishments are flowers and sequins)))
    Thank you very much for this great chance!!!
    Hugs, { Emily }

  150. NENANE, Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I am a young, up and coming artist and blogger who loves to create awesome, funky cards for family and friends. Winning stamps would mean a lot to me because I can't afford to buy new things that often. I sell my cards to play club volleyball in hopes of getting a scholarship to attend college where I can pursue my dream of being a designer:) My favorite embellishments are beautiful ribbons:) You rock! I am a follower!!!
    ~Madison ---

  151. My favourite embelishments are buttons and flowers, I think. They are so useful, because they can be need in a lot of things, such as cards and scrapbooking.
    I understand, how person, who will get this present will be happy! :)

  152. Smart candy! Thanks for chance!
    From ornaments I love flowers, tapes, pastes. It seems to me that work without colours not so are beautiful:)

  153. Hi! My name is Julia!!!:)
    Wonderful candy!Thanks for the chance!!!
    My favourite embelishments are flowers and butterfly!:)

  154. Hello!
    I love flowers, stamps and tapes! They will decorate any work and are simple in use :)
    Smart candy! Thanks for the chance!

  155. Thanks for chance!
    I adore quilling, so quillinqs details are my favourite embelishment:)

  156. Hi Nenane, you are offering some gorgeous goodies... :) Thanks for the chance to winning them.
    My fav embellishment -
    Since I am a newbie in this paper craft areana ;) I try to experiment with different things, But my favorite is Rhinestones or Beads (or gems). They are available in varied colors and just add glint to even the simpler of designs.
    I have your blog candy in my side bar! Hope it will bring more followers. :)
    Lots of Hugs, xoxo

  157. это просто чудо!
    невероятная конфетка!
    я совсем не знаю английского :) простите)
    но не могла не написать вам спасибо за такой шанс ! :)

  158. Nenane,hello!
    Какая замечательная конфета! Штампы - надписи, это как раз то, чем я хотела бы украшать свои открытки, но, у меня пока их нет, к сожалению... А ещё я люблю цветы и бабочек, часто их использую для украшения своих творческих идей! Извините, что не знаю английского.Thanks for chance!

  159. hi there!! my favourite embellishments are flowers. whether they are ones i make myself...ribbons flowers...paper flowers...or punches -- i love them all! LOL -- you give someone a flower(s) to brighten their day -- in the same way, flowers have a way of brightening up a layout or a card! when i'm's hard to craft something without adding a flower!!! :)

    have a blessed day! :) and thanks for the chance at your candy! :)

  160. Hi! :)))

    My favorite embellishment are… cats, flowers, butterflys... in every color, size and shape.
    Thank you for the chance to win!
    I've added your candy to my sidebar.
    Have a great day!! :)
    Greetings from Bulgaria!

  161. The candy is awesome!!! I've just posted the picture on the sidebar. And I'm a follower.
    For my cards I always use ribbons, lace, and I LOVE BUTTERFLIES. I don't use them for every project, but when I have a chance, I always do. I think, they brighten up lifeless paper and make youк work charming.

  162. Oh wow! some fantastic stamping candy! Thanks for the chance to take part! My favourite embellie would have to be hand made flowers at the moment, i love making them up and playing around with them almost as much as the finished card! have a fantastic day

  163. What excellent candy)) thank you for chance to participate in its draw! I have placed it on side bar in my blog.
    To choose one favourite embellishment it is very heavy)) I am pleasant very much with paper flowers because they give tenderness and romanticism, I love brads and rhinestones because they can give completeness to a card or a page (it as in cookery last stroke in a dessert, for example a mint branch)! And final I love very much various stamps, after all they help to tell that sometimes it is difficult to put into words or simply help to decorate a paper and to make its absolutely unrecognizable)))

  164. Hi there :)
    That's really nice blog and huge candy)

    My favourite embellishments are things that you don't usually buy for scrapbooking. That will be some travelling tickets, parts of envelopes, clothes tags, parts of chains and wires, beads from grandmother's necklace and so on. These stuff make things that I make unique and soooo romantic. ^^

  165. Hello , my Favorite embellishements are Flowers in many colors .

    Best greetings from austria

  166. Hi Nenane from Canberra Australia! I am thrilled to have come across your blog through one of the players at the Stampin Sisters in Christ Challenge - it is fabulous and I am happy to be a follower!

    It seems as all of Blogville loves you YUMBLY Candy - and no wonder - you are very generous. You have also posed the hardest favourite embellishment - well I would have to be honest and say that it changes each time I try something new - but my all time favourite would have to be...lace and flowers....and lace...and hard - let's so with lace and flowers...okay and pearls - I will let you know if I try something new today and it becomes the top of my list! LOL!

    Thank for the oppportunity to play - you are very generous - I have won anyway - by finding your Blog! God bless you Nenane! {{{hugs}}}

    Ooops - I have linked your Candy to my sidebar!! Thanks hard to choose! LOL!

  167. This comment has been removed by the author.

  168. Hello Nenane,
    Thank you for giving me the chance to win this great candy. So many stamps, it would be a dream to have them. Unfortunately this kind of art is not very known here in Portugal and so the things are very expensive.
    My favorite embellishment are flowers, especially when I make them on my own. You know I like decorative crafts. But adore paper crafts.
    I have always been a creative minded person. About a year ago I learned the basics of decoupage. I have started with decorative crafts and got more into paper crafts and since then I couldn´t stop. I wish you a nice weekend. Hugs, Anabela

  169. Hi, wow such an adorable candy!!!
    You are so kind.
    Ok my favorite embelishmets: I must say Ribbon , I love ribbons they give to the cards very special and elgant look.
    I love also charms, I love to combine charms with my image :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  170. Let me first say that I'm owner of 10 stamps and I would provide great home tho those if I win!lol.
    They are awesome!!!
    And answer-flowers!
    Woman can't have enough shoes or flowers for craft!lol.
    They make all my creations bloom.
    Thank you for the chance!

  171. hi!! first of all, i've just discovered your blog and it's amazing!! you do a great work!

    my favourite embellishments are handmade paper flowers, they make look awesome any creation!

    i'm gonna link you on my sidebar ;)

    kisses from Spain!

  172. Wooooow, what a fab candy/give away! Thanks sooooo much for a chance to win :-)))). Here's my entry:

    "C.O.S. Embellie Ode"

    Butterflies are my fav ever embellies
    ‘Cos I don’t like wearing wellies
    ‘Cos I don’t like rainy days
    ‘Cos butterflies brighten up my days!

    And I also love the flowers
    ‘Cos they give me magic powers
    ‘Cos they fit my art so well
    ‘Cos they put me “Under a creative spell”!

    Thanks again, hugs x
    Joanna, Under a creative spell ;-)

  173. Hi there...I'm a follower...I have your candy on my blog and here is my answer...

    My favorite embellishment is BLING! What girl doesn't love a little sparkle here and there?! I love the way it makes my cards and layouts shiny and bright...makes me happy when I see shiny 'bout you!?!

  174. I have become a follower and I linked you up on my side bar. What yummy candy!!!

    You do realize that you asked the hardest question in the world of a scrapper and card maker. I think right now I cant stop buy brads and stamps. Oh yeah, and ribbon and buttons. I search tutorial all over the net on flower making so I can learn to make different ones. I cant decided!!!!! How about this...if you look at my blog you will see my favorite thing to embellish are my kids. The are angle boys. They never do anything wrong and get straight As in school. They are perfect. Wait....was that too much

    Emily C

  175. Brads and rhinestones and stickers, oh my!
    I love my embellishments made with anything that flies!

    Some say that their ribbons and flowers can't be beat,
    But I'll even go for items that have been treated with heat!

    I really love metal & hands from a clock
    You'll even be surprised what you can make from a sock!

    The fibers I've found are so yummy to me
    But don't forget glitter, it makes me happy as can be!

    How can you just limit yourself to just one or two?
    When you're in love with embellishments, you'll choose more, that's true!


  176. Oh my a very yummy giveaway...I wish I can win this....

    my Fav Embellishment is Gem Stone and Pearl...

    I have been your follower and put your candy on my Blog here is my Blog add :

    Many thanks for a chance to win this so yummy candy oh my.....