Friday, July 30, 2010

Blog Hop InStyle!

Thanks for stopping by on your last leg of the blog hop tour. You should have come from Jan If not, please either go back there or start from the beginning...CLICK HERE!

I can't believe our design team. They have really pulled together this month and rocked out a bunch of great projects. I have the bestest design team around. They are truly a great bunch of ladies. I appreciate each and everyone of them. Their such an asset!

We have two of our special ladies leaving us this month. Thank you Jodi and Raquel for making our company shine with your designs! We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. And a special hats off to Raquel. She recently graduated from College! That is a milestone! Great job!

And with those 2 spots open, we had to find other designers to fill their shoes. So on Sunday, August 1st, we will announce our new DT members. Take my word for it, these new ladies are gonna rawk your sawks off! Stay tuned.

So on to the blog hop at hand. I bet you were wondering why there isn't a card or project on my blog. That's because the universe is playing mean tricks on me. Why? Well let me vent a little shall I? Ok it all started when I lost my passport. UGHH! I've been looking for it for over a month. I am going out of the country in August and CAN'T find it anywhere. I'm soo upset about it. I normally have a great memory. But...well...yeah, can't find it anywhere. And on top of it, it's with my birth certificate, marriage license and other important papers. Yikes. Well I had to make an emergency appointment to get a new passport. I leave on the 8th and my appt is on the 3rd. Talk about cutting it close lol. I was able to get my other documents replaced already. I'm just upset about paying for another passport. :(

If that is not bad enough, NOW I can't find my battery charger for my camera. And that means I can't take pictures, which means I couldn't photograph my project I worked on a week ago. My replacement is due here any day now, but *SIGh*.

Well after that vent (thanks for listening), I decided why not tilt the universe in a generous way and give away a free DIGI! :) Yay!

Meet Larissa. Isn't she adorable?

You want her? Here's what you have to do:

1. Blog hop with all the ladies and post a comment here letting me know which designer had your favorite project AND your email address. (make sure you use a space or something so you don't get spam email)

2. Go to the InStyle Stamps Blog and vote for that person!

3. Leave a comment showing some love on the dt member's blog that you voted for.

By doing all 3 steps, you will receive this little cutie on Sunday after our announcements are done and you will a chance to win 4 more digi's of your choice. You will all be winners because you will get this cuite even if you don't win the other 4. :) You have until 8am PST on August 1st to leave your comment here.

This image is not for sale and won't be for sale on our blog. She is exclusively a freebie. A few month's ago we showed 2 of her friends and gave them away:

We will be offering them to those that join our Paper Craft Planet group and our Facebook Fan Page soon. Not only may those be given away, but we have a few more too. So make sure you don't miss them.

Design team members, you guys can participate too. Follow the steps and I will send her to you too.

Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to go and vote HERE!


  1. She is a cutie! I can't tell you who had my favorite project because I don't want to play favorites, lol. I do have on though, and am off to vote :)

    I think ALL of the designers rocked it out this blog hop!!!! The InStyle Ladies are a talented bunch!

  2. Enjoyed going to all the blogs. Some blogs made it easy to move on to the next. thanks. My favorites are Kerry and Janelle so I flipped a coin to vote. cj

  3. oh no. sounds like you're ready for a change of luck. hopefully the passport will show up before you need to replace it.

    Fabulous blog hop! I can't pick a favorite because I loved them ALL!!!

  4. They are all such wonderful cards and projects, so choosing a favorite is difficult. For me it came down to Angela and Kerry, I really love both projects and am so inspired to try something similar. (thank you ladies!) I asked my son to help me choose, and he picked Kerry's project (I think it was the candy that helped to win him over).

  5. Ohhhh Larrisa is so cute! I loved the hop, lots of fantastic projects! I think my favorite project was Jodi's. So many talented ladies on this DT! My email addy is skcactusflower at Thanks! Off to vote =)

  6. Ohh, she's so cute. Thanks. All the projects were so great, it's hard to choose, but since we can only vote for one, I'll say Kerry with her hot cocoa much. Yum!
    rmpoohbear75 at gmail dot com

  7. She is adorable! My favourite after all the hopin is Sarah... Luv the little tags!
    so cute..
    piffansd at hotmail dot com

  8. You're having a rough time, hopefully this is a vacation you are going away on and when you get home life will be "normal" again! Thanks for the opportunity to have Larissa, she's cute!

  9. I loved them all. They were so creative but I think that my favorite was Jodi's.

  10. Girl, you ARE gonna get through all this! You just need a big ol break. And maybe a bubble bath. MAybe a drink. Maybe a drink in the hottub with Armando? OH yeah, he's in Africa. Maybe you should just go shopping :) LOve ya!

  11. ALL were really cute- thanks! OFF to vote!

  12. Hang in there, you are going to get though this! :) I'm going to send you a "virtual" margarita for the now! LOL!

  13. too bad you lost your passport and other papers......this was a great blog hop...I'm off to vote the freebie!!!
    xxx Margreet

  14. me again...I voted for Janelle
    xxx Margreet

  15. Sounds like you're having a shot of bad luck right now but fingers crossed it'll all work out. The hop has been brilliant fun with loads of inspiration.

  16. Loved lots of them but for me I loved sarahs little tags they will make any prezzy even more special.Enjoy your break when you get there think relaxation?

  17. Girl, hang in there. Things always work out, somehow don't they.

    Oh she is so sweet. I was just thinking of those two girls from spring! LOL

  18. She's to cute!!! I would love to have her Nenane!
    tigresse88(at)hotmail(dot) com

  19. WOW, this blog hop was so much fun. You have a great DT. I hope that everything works out good for you. I get sooooo mad at myself when I put things in a specific spot so that I won't loose them and then my mind wont work when I need it to. GGGRgggrrrr! lol.. Thanks for the chance to get your wonderful digis and thanks for this sweetheart also. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Lisa G

  20. Love Larissa and would love her to add to my collection.Hope your luck improves soon, and you really deserve a good, chilled break.
    I am loving been part of this design team :)
    Cathy xx

  21. What a cute projects!
    I hoped that you get some good luck soon!

  22. Hello everyone. If you didn't send your email I didn't send the image. :) Please add your email here or send me an email. :)