Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All moved in.

Hello, Thanks for stopping by. I'm all movevd in, however I've seemed to mis-place a few items lol. Hopefully I will be able to find them. I can't believe how absent-minded I've been lately. Really, it needs to stop now.

I won't be stamping for awhile because I have no room literally. However, I've made up a bunch of cards prior to the move that I'm going to be showcasing. I want to start with this one, Twirling Chloe:

My sister decided she is going to take ballet lessons. She is very tall and thin. But I'm not sure about the graceful part. She is actually kinda accident prone, so this will be cute to watch lol.

I decided to use Twirling Chloe because she is adorable. Anyway, Hope you had a happy Tuesday!


  1. gasp! Did you move out of cali?

  2. @Lena, no I'm still here. I just moved a few streets over. :)

    Thanks Axa.