Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Blog Candy

Hope you had a good Friday. I did. Just got back from seeing the movie Precious. It was very very good. A must see, but bring your Kleenex. :) one guessed what I used on the bottom of my was a grated sponge and then I added copic ink to. :)

3rdly, I will be having blog candy this coming Monday. I'm swamped for the rest of the weekend so that is when I will be able to post a new project. I finally broke down and bought a compressor and airbrush system so I'm experimenting.

Have a fabulous one!

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  1. No kidding; a grated sponge! How clever!!! I was doing my best to figure it out. I was way off! :/

    My daughter and I saw the previews for Precious and talked about it looking like a tear jerker. We went to see A Christmas Carole. It was cute; Jim Carrey is hilarious.