Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Over the Hump Day Blog Candy Give-A-Way

This hump day is special to me because it is also Veteran’s Day. My husband is in the Marine Corps reserves. He served over 6 years active duty. He has about 11 years total so far. He was in Iraq in 2007 and is going to Afghanistan soon. We don’t know the exact date but it is imminent. Yesterday was the Marine Corps birthday. I personally think we should honor and thank our service people year round not just on particular days, but hey, that's just me.

I am so proud of my hubby. When he was in Iraq, we had a very close family member pass away and it was very hard on him being so far away from us all especially during that very stressful time. I know there are a lot of service members that experience far worse than what he did. It is truly a sacrifice to serve our nation and be the defenders of our freedom. For that, I truly thank every man and woman that has enlisted to protect our country. Some may not agree with war. Some may not think the military is important. Whatever your opinion or mindset is, you are entitled to it. But we should still respect and be thankful for those that do serve. Happy Veteran’s Day!!!

And now on to the craft stuff. :)

Go to the Instyle Stamps Blog for all the details. There is too much to type. But I will show you a picture of the blog candy. :)

Nuff said. :)

This month the theme is snow. Here is my project:

If you like blog candy as much as I do...go check it out!!!



  1. Totally agree with what you have said regarding out troops Virginia. My husband also served in the British Army and we should be thankful for the days they serve. I will keep you and your family in my thought's and prayers for your husbands time and safe return home from Afghanistan.
    Fab card also
    Lana x

  2. Absolutely! I agree as well with what you've said! Our service men/women do deserve honor everyday!

    Great post and card Virginia! This image is the sweetest!

  3. wow, I had no idea your hubby was in the service! I give YOU so much credit ... sometimes I think it's harder to be here and not knowing what's happening THERE! My baby, Justin, was in the Army National Guard and was in Iraq the day after we dropped the first bomb! Good thing you didn't know me then - I was a basket case. (TG I'm so normal now. lol) I do agree with everything you said - they deserve our respect and honor and sooo much more! hugz, Mary